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City View is a  publicly funded charter school.  In Oregon, charter schools do not receive the same support as traditional public schools. City View receives 85% of the per-pupil funding allocated by the state and does not receive any local monies (bonds, construction excise tax, etc..) In addition, charter schools like ours are required to cover expenses that traditional public schools do not, such as technology services, rent/mortgage, etc. As a result, we operate with a considerable shortfall per student.  To make up the difference, charter schools rely on fundraising and community support.  

Our Tiered Options





$850 donation, and no further fundraising is expected (however, it is always appreciated!)

$550 per student (and contribute the rest through fundraising activities,as per your ability and discretion throughout the year)

$350 per student  (and donate the rest through fundraising activities, as per your ability and discretion, throughout the year)

If your family would like to donate an amount that is different than the tiers listed

The fundraising target for the school year is $850 per student.


This amount supports fieldwork and unique learning opportunities for our students.  In addition, the funds will also contribute a small amount to the school's operating budget to allow for more competitive wages for staff and the long-term sustainability of our program.


City View has set a goal of 100% family participation to close this gap, and we provide fundraising opportunities throughout the year to enable families to donate.  Regardless of the size of your contribution, we hope that all families will find a way to support our school financially.   Please note that your family's contribution level does not affect your student's ability to participate in any school or class event.


City View is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit; therefore, contributions are tax-deductible under tax laws and should qualify for employer matching. Once a contribution is made, families will receive a donation letter for these purposes.

City View’s goal is to serve all interested families, regardless of their financial status. We hope that as many families as possible will be able to donate at a Tier 3 level. However, we understand this is a significant financial ask and request that families do their best to meet the minimum of $350 per student per year.  If you need help to meet the minimum annual contribution, don't hesitate to get in touch with Becky Mills at to discuss options. 




Your Gap Contribution goes directly into our operational budget and supports Fieldwork, the core academic program, facilities costs, and teacher salaries.



Note: GAP Payments are non-refundable after payment has been received.




Ways you can help us close the gap (use the links below to make your payment) :

  1. You can make a lump sum payment. (link) 

  2. You can set up recurring monthly payments. (link) 




Wolf Walk

We hold a Wolf Walk on our campus every year.  Students collect pledges for distances walked/run, and these donations will contribute directly to the Bridge the Gap Fund.  Parents help with snack tables and tracking laps, a fun gathering for many in our community.


Annual Auction 

The annual auction is our biggest fundraiser of the year. Participating businesses and sponsors will be prominently featured in all our marketing and communication materials leading up to the event and post-event. Our Auction is usually held in the Spring.



Fred Meyer Community Rewards

Fred Meyer Community Rewards is an easy way for local nonprofits to receive donations from Fred Meyer Stores. Customers earn these donations for their favorite nonprofits by shopping with their Rewards Card. Click here for instructions on how to link your rewards card to City View.


Box Tops

Box Tops For Education now has a mobile app for your phone!  Now, you can scan your store receipt, and qualifying product purchases will instantly give cash credit to City View. To join Box Tops, create an account and choose City View as your targeted donation.

Bottle Drop

Stop by the school office and get a blue bag and a barcode tag for your recycled bottles.  Once your bag is filled, you can drop it off at your local Bottle Drop, where they will recycle them and send the school the funds.

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